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Soft Synth Corner



Soft Synth Corner

Maz Sound
Inexpensive versitle virtual software sampler.

Genuine Soundware
They have a great rhodes simulation plug-in [ mr. ray 73], check and try a few of their leagacy [older] vsti's to see if they will work for you... free ones...

Classic well developed plugins that are a good value with great stabilty even though they are rather expensive. I have the octopuss and two older discountinued models.. great service from staff.

Camel Audio
Makers of widely used chameleon 5000 which is on countless name artists records and albums. Some free very usable effects plugins here as well.

Listening Room - MP3 - Free MP3sVectorStation Recording presents an extra high quality MP3 and
Real Media of the tune "Cobblestones of Heaven"
featuring Bill Nichols on sax and keyboards.
Track also features Janns on guitar and bass.

From the album "Street Lamps for the Lonely"
Smooth Jazz from Around the World!!!

"Drive the City" featuring Bill Nichols, saxophonist/keyboardist Extraordinaire,
plays with musicians from Australia, Sweden, Canada, Hawaii, and other points in between.


An Album of Remarkable Variety & Melodic Sensibility!!

Download Here:

6.3m  MP3
"Cobblestones of Heaven"
Real Audio
"Cobblestones of Heaven"

If you can not hear the above tunes:
Download Real Audio Player


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