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"A Whisper of Fall" by Bill J. Nichols

Drive the City
"A Whisper of Fall"

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Sharing Jazz around the world!

LeeBarry.net: Excellent Chicago bass player and artist who is a friend that I have worked with.online. Check out his musical albums at both Amazon and itunes and other sites.

Scott Swatzell: Quality drummer from Huntsville, Alabama has played extraordinary funk, rock and even experimental tracks with me through our friendship on various websites via the internet.
Thank you Scott!

www.catfish-john.com: Blues guitarist/singer and friend from Hawaii, Catfish John Tisdell, who used me on sax and keys on his "Blues in Paradise" Album.

Harmony Central: Great resources for musicians.

Janns Music: This is the friend/musician from Sweden who played on my last album and some tunes on this site. Check out some of his originals at his site.

www.soundclick.com/georgeguitarline: This is George from Italy who does some incredible guitar work on his site.

http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html: This is a free utility music software that allows you to compress wave or aiff files to half or greater their size with no loss in quality from the original.

www.db-audioware.com: Plug-ins especially nice de-esser - very reasonable cost.

www.kvraudio.com: Nice info on VST instruments.

www.fullcompass.com: Great service, Great prices on Pro Audio.

www.theorchard.com: Purchase my CD here.

www.synapse-audio.com: Synapse Audio Software - Music Production Software, Plugins & More.

Stickz: Drummer extraordinaire.

http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=554774 home music site of "digitube", great ambient soundscape composer which i have had pleasure working with.

X8 Drums: X8 Drums is your source for all things hand drums and percussion for beginners and pros.

Music Production Courses: Hotwired is the brand name for the exciting music methodology of Mat McKinley. Mat has written a complete "How to" music production book pack as well as an intensive weekend workshop, so for full details check out the Hotwired site!


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